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Actors leave broadcast beauty Linda blushing

Estevez and Hardin have a little fun on radio interview

By Will Ellison

Two actors - including Hollywood star Martin Sheen's brother - have told how broadcaster Lynda Bryans was left blushing on air after one of them commented on her beauty.

The incident occurred during a radio show as she interviewed Joe Estevez - who famously filled in for his older brother Martin Sheen when he suffered a heart attack during the filming of cult movie Apocalypse Now - and Nick Hardin, now based in Northern Ireland.

Joe Estevez will be making his first professional appearance in Ireland at The Playhouse in Londonderry, in a new play from Irish American playwright Derek Murphy.

'A Short Wake', directed by Marianne Macnaghten, sees two brothers meeting up in New York after 30 years and discovering the truth behind their shared childhood memories.

Murphy wrote the play with Estevez and native New Yorker Nick Hardin in mind.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Hardin confessed to making Lynda Bryans blush while being interviewed on UTV's radio station U105.

He said: "We were doing an interview with her and I think she's a beautiful woman. And hey, you know, I'm married, she's married, so I told her. That made her blush. Then Joe took over and started interviewing her."

Eagle-eyed viewers may remember him in 'Give My Head Peace', where he did three episodes, or from appearing in the A-Team. His TV and movie appearances, however, are fewer than Estevez's 150 or so films but both have a hankering for the stage.

Having done a number of films back to back, Estevez is glad to have time to tread the boards.

He said: "Ireland is the home of poets and theatres; story-telling started here. I can say: 'God, I've played Ireland - I'm an actor'.

"I have three daughters who tell me it's great to see me in films but they love me on stage. It's great to have that sort or support. The play is about love, siblings in love, what families are. I'm sure y'all got brothers and sisters and how much you love them. Whether you're 20 or 75, dealing with a sibling there are things in that you will carry with you for ever."

Although Estevez has had a successful career in his own right - he's a cult figure in the independent film circuit - the film most people will know him from is Apocalypse Now.

When brother Martin suffered a heart attack, Estevez was called in by director Francis Ford Coppola as stand-in on long shots and, although uncredited, it's his voice heard throughout the narration.

A Short Wake is at The Playhouse from October 3-6

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