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Adams slams 'out of touch' Wilson

Sammy Wilson is out of touch with his own party in promoting Executive cuts, Gerry Adams has said.

The Sinn Fein leader said he wanted to unite the parties at Stormont against "ideological" Conservative spending reductions.

He called for tax-varying powers to be considered as he supported a trade union rally outside Stormont on Wednesday.

"Sammy Wilson does not speak for the Executive on this issue. He speaks as an individual on this issue, he is even speaking contrary to his party," Mr Adams said.

"What he is saying runs against the programme for government."

The blueprint for government has pledged to boost growth in the economy.

Mr Adams said there needed to be a wide-ranging debate which looks at taking over fiscal powers, harmonising across Ireland and ending the duplication of services.

He urged parties to unite to oppose cuts.

"You cannot slash or cut your way out of a recession. The notion that we can cut public services, that you can slash your way out of recession is cover for a deeper ideological British Tory agenda to kill off the welfare state," he said.

Finance minister Mr Wilson said it was not a matter of agreeing with cuts to be introduced by the UK Government or not fighting for the best deal for Northern Ireland.


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