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Advisers review after McArdle move


Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

Northern Ireland's Finance Minister is to review the appointment process of ministerial special advisers following Sinn Fein's recruitment of a convicted killer.

Sammy Wilson will meet officials early next week to discuss the move.

Mary McArdle was convicted of killing Mary Travers in 1984 and her new role at the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has angered the Travers family.

A Finance Department spokeswoman said: "Finance Minister Sammy Wilson has confirmed that he is to carry out a review of the appointment process of special advisers and will be speaking to officials early next week."

Mary Travers was murdered by the IRA in 1984.

First Minister Peter Robinson asked Mr Wilson to launch the review following a meeting with the Travers family at DUP headquarters on Friday afternoon.

The DUP said Mr Robinson was "very happy to meet with Mrs Travers and expressed his sympathy to Ann and her family".

The statement added: "The appointment of Mary McArdle as the special adviser at the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has caused further hurt to the Travers family.

"Mr Robinson has already said that the appointment was insensitive and a mistake."

Mrs McArdle was part of an IRA gang which ambushed magistrate Tom Travers and his family as they left Mass, shooting his daughter Mary dead.


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