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Agreement gets cautious welcome in South Belfast

By Michael McCready and Lauren Mulvenny

The main political parties struck an agreement to devolve policing and justice powers to Stormont last Friday, after long negotiations.

There will now be a period of consultation leading to a vote in the Assembly, with the aim of transferring policing and justice powers to Stormont in early April.

Following the announcement of a deal to save the power-sharing government, The CT hit the streets to find out what local people thought of it.

One south Belfast man, who did not want to be named, said he thought local people were frustrated.

“Think there is a lot of frustration, with people thinking have we or haven’t we got a deal,” he said.

“There is also controversy over the parades issues, which is also causing some frustration.

“People want this resolved and want our politicians to move on and deal with the bread and butter issues affecting local people.

“Local people want to see action.”

And a Donegall Road resident told The CT that local people were still unsure what exactly the deal meant.

He said: “Locally, people are waiting to see what happens next.

“Many local people have been switched off as the talks went on for so long.

“Recently I have been following the progress on the TV and just think politicians need to be clearer so people understand.”Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness announce the agreement

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