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Aid worker urges support for 'solidarity rally' in Dungannon

John Hurson

A Dungannon man who has travelled to Gaza with supplies is leading a rally in protest against the killing of the Palestinians.

John Hurson, who has travelled three times with truckloads of blankets and aid supplies, described the violence on the border as a "horrific day".

He will be attending the "solidarity rally" in the town tonight at 7pm.

Mr Hurson said: "It was a horrific day, the death toll kept rising.

"I've been following it all over the last few weeks with the run-up to Monday's protest.

"There are nearly two million people living in what is known as the world's largest open air prison."

Dozens are expected to take part in tonight's protest and Mr Hurson said that it was a chance for local people to show their support for the Palestinian people.

He said: "We are showing solidarity because the Palestinians have been abandoned by the west to a certain extent.

"It's only through solidarity around the world that things start to change and we can't rely on the leaders.

"It's a chance for the public to do something."

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