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Air horn adds pizzazz to quiet neighbourhood’s weekly clap

Sean Brady said he wanted to ‘liven up’ the weekly show of appreciation.


Sean Brady with his wife Mary Brady (Roisin Devlin/PA)

Sean Brady with his wife Mary Brady (Roisin Devlin/PA)

Sean Brady with his wife Mary Brady (Roisin Devlin/PA)

A nurse’s father decided to add some “pizzazz” to the Thursday night clap in his quiet neighbourhood – using an air horn.

Sean Brady made sure his thank you to the NHS was heard loud and clear in the sedate area of south Belfast in which he lives.

The 78-year-old, a retired lecturer whose daughter is a senior nurse, said he wanted to “liven up” the weekly show of appreciation for those on the front line.

He said: “Clapping is great and we owe this to all those who work in the NHS and contributing areas. I just decided to liven it up a little bit.

“It struck me – if I was at a football match or a rugby match I might well be using an air horn, so why not get one and give a little bit of pizzazz to this well-deserved clap that we’re doing every Thursday night for our great NHS people?”

Neighbours laughed when he emerged with the air horn to ensure a noisier celebration, he said, adding that the contribution is a “tiny little thank you” for the “expertise, compassion and help” shown by those in the health and social care system.

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