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Airport worker's fury at car park 'ban'

By Donna Deeney

Workers at City of Derry Airport (CoDA) who commute have been told they must leave their vehicles on waste ground that has been targeted by thieves and vandals.

Staff fear their cars will be damaged or stolen after they were told by management that they cannot use the main airport car park during the peak holiday period.

Instead, all staff must now park their cars in a stretch of unfenced waste ground which is not lit or monitored by CCTV.

This arrangement was introduced last year – but that was City of Culture year and thousands of extra passengers were expected through the airport. But now that airport numbers have fallen dramatically, staff are still being forced off-site.

One worker said: "Last year the airport management introduced this but before the summer was over five people had their vehicles damaged in what were attempted car thefts."

An airport spokeswoman said: "City of Derry Airport would encourage the complainant to contact the airport management directly in relation to their complaint."

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