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Alan Drennan's dad urges Northern Ireland law shift so deaths abroad can be probed

By Christopher Woodhouse

The father of a young man who died on Ibiza has said that a change in the inquest law in Northern Ireland would be a fitting tribute to his late son.

Alan Drennan was found dead in his hotel room the morning after he arrived on the party island with friends last month.

A post-mortem on the 21-year-old's body had to be carried out in the Republic of Ireland - as the coroner for Northern Ireland cannot probe deaths which occur abroad.

Now the grieving father wants a change in the law, so no one will have to endure what he went through if a relative dies abroad.

"I would like to raise awareness of the fact that the Court of Appeal of Northern Ireland recommended in 2009 that legislation should be introduced to give the coroner in Northern Ireland the power to investigate deaths that occur outside Northern Ireland," said his father Alan Drennan Snr.

"If Alan's death helps to bring about a change in the law that helps other families in our situation then that would be the legacy we wish for our son."

A Spanish inquest found that the mechanic died from "multiple organ failure".

However, his friends claim he suffered head injuries after being hit by officers from the Guardia Civil at the airport.

Mr Drennan, from Newtownabbey, was escorted off the plane by police after arriving on the Mediterranean island, but was later released.

The Drennan family are now awaiting the results of the second post-mortem carried out by the Irish coroner.

His father thanked the Irish coroner and the charity run by Colin Bell, which aided the family in bringing Alan's body back to Northern Ireland

Mr Drennan also warned other young people travelling abroad to avoid making themselves vulnerable.

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