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Alarm at plan to build 12 homes in one garden site

by Bob Malcolm

Sydenham residents have been joined by political representatives for an open air meeting about a controversial development in the area.

Linda Adair, Terry Hoey and other residents stand with local representatives Michael Copeland (UUP) and Laura MacNamee (AP) at the site of the proposed development.

The residents of Denorrton Park and Palmerston Road met on Monday (August 1) to discuss their concerns about plans to build 12 houses on the former site of one property in Denorrton Park.

The development was originally for 28 homes on the site, that would have stretched across the whole greenbelt area but now the plans are for 12 houses.

The residents’ concerns centre on parking and traffic on their street, environmental problems associated with the development and the safety of children with the increased amount of cars that will be in the area.

Linda Adair, from Denorrton Park said issues existed about the environment and over road safety.

“Subsidence will be a problem as will flooding and destabilisation on the slope behind the houses. Another biggy would be the sewage infrastructure associated with 12 new houses,” she said.

Terry Hoey, a Palmerston resident said: “My thoughts are that its going to cause a domino effect right down the whole of the Denorrton park and what they are really after is the view that Denorrten Park can give right over the whole of Belfast.

“Now if that happens, in this particular area anyway, it's going to change the whole outlook of the road and Denorrton Park and Sydenham because if it did cause a domino effect down here every garden along there and the trees are now protected but the planning office said that the trees can't become an obstacle to the future development of the area.

“How I see it is that up here [Denorrton] will become an apartment area and if that happens it will be like living in a gold fish bowl.

“There is a major part of the planning law where you are not allowed to build something which is going to overlook something else and if this happens it is going to overlook the whole of Palmerston Road,” added Mr Hoey.

Michael Copeland, MLA said: “By knocking down one house and building 12, with 12 wash hand basins, 12 toilets, maybe more, no one can tell me that that won’t have an adverse effect on the people who are here. Most of these properties are built on a back slope, that work can only be done by piling in my experience and that'll shake the living daylights out of these residents houses.”

Laura McNamee, Alliance councillor said that issues surrounding badgers in the area were something Planning Service needed to look at as their habitats could be disturbed by the development and it could lead to their displacement.

A Planning Department spokesperson said: “Application Z/2009/1737/F is under consideration and the Department is aware of the concerns of the large number of objections to the proposed scheme. On June 3, 2011 the Dept received an amended scheme from the agent reducing the number of “eco” apartments for the elderly from 18 to 12.

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