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Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins' drug addict son is jailed for raid on newsagent

By Staff Reporter

The son of former world snooker champion Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins has been jailed for carrying out a violent robbery on a newsagents.

Jordan Higgins (31) was high on drink and drugs when he snatched cigarettes worth £1,500 from a display shelf after he and a masked accomplice burst into the shop in Greater Manchester in January.

During the raid Higgins stormed around the back of the counter and grabbed the shopkeeper by the throat and pushed him onto a stool.

He then emptied the cigarettes off the shelves into a duvet cover before running off and escaping in a getaway car. He was arrested after his DNA was matched to the crime scene.

The robbery came as Higgins - who has a string of convictions - battles a lengthy drug and alcohol problem.

He was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic at the age of just 14.

He was also said to have struggled living in the shadow of his father who died in Belfast, aged 61, in 2010 after battling throat cancer.

The late snooker star's former wife Lynn and daughter Lauren wept in the public gallery as Higgins was given 18 months after admitting the robbery.

Judge John Potter told him: "Regrettably this is not the first time you find yourself standing in the dock of a criminal court for a criminal offence.

"You do have previous convictions recorded against you which I have considered carefully including previous for alcohol, causing loss to others by way of damage and assault.

"You knew what was going on and knew the robbery was to take place. You have targeted somebody simply trying to earn a living.

"He was alone so was vulnerable. You ran away and as you did you discarded your scarf and glove and further analysis on the DNA was recovered linking you to the commission of the offence.

"I accept your remorse is now genuine and at the time you were riddled with the associated difficulties and problems that alcohol and drug addiction brings to people but as you know, that is absolutely no excuse for your behaviour.

"I accept you are somebody who has had a difficult upbringing and you have had to live in the glare of publicity with a father, that according to the testimonials, was hardly the proper role model to a son."

Jordan was born a year after his father won the World Snooker Championship in 1982.

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