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Alex: I’m not bitter about being left out of George Best musical

George Best’s former wife Alex has said she bears no grudges about being left out of the hit musical Dancing Shoes.

The former air hostess and model, who was married to the football legend for nine years, said she had been initially disappointed when she learned that all references to their marriage had been omitted from the production.

But she said that if every detail of Best’s life had been featured, it would have resulted in an epic tale like “War and Peace”.

Alex was in Belfast at the weekend to attend the Roost’s second birthday party and to launch the Miss Belfast competition.

She was invited to attend Dancing Shoes at the Grand Opera House by one of its writers, Martin Lynch, but declined on the grounds she was too busy.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Alex denied she had snubbed the show because her relationship with Best had been overlooked.

And she said she wasn’t annoyed that his first wife Angie did feature in it.

“As far as I’m concerned Dancing Shoes is about George’s footballing skills and that is how he wanted to be remembered,” she said.

“Angie was married to him when he was still playing football.

“Yes, a large chunk of his life has been left out, it jumps from his days in America to his death, but it is a musical about football.

“George wasn’t playing football when we met.

“To begin with, I did feel it would have been nice to get a mention as we were married for nine years but I understand why I was left out.

“If the show had featured all of George’s life, it would have been like War and Peace,” she added.

Alex said she had heard from friends that the show was a resounding success and that although she had missed it in Belfast, she would consider going to see it if it travelled to London.

“I was over to Belfast for a number of engagements and was just really busy,” she said.

“Martin Lynch did invite me but I just didn’t have the time.

“I wish the musical every success and if it comes to London, then yes, I think I would go and see it.”

Martin Lynch, who wrote Dancing Shoes with Marie Jones, said the omission was no reflection on the role Alex had played in Best’s life.

“We know she was a huge part of his life and that she cared deeply for him but for artistic reasons, several aspects of his life had to be left on the cutting room floor,” he said.

“We included Angie because she was Calum’s mum though to be honest, George had quite a few key women in his life and if we’d included them all, we would have been there till midnight every night.”

The Miss Belfast final will take place in Ten Square on Wednesday, September 22, and will be hosted by CityBeat's Stephen Clements. To enter you must be age 17-18 years, size 8-12 and 5ft 7in or over. Send a full length photo with details to www.citybeat. before September 1.

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