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All the best: Comedian Alan Irwin's favourite things


Festival date: Alan Irwin will be playing it for laughs

Festival date: Alan Irwin will be playing it for laughs

Festival date: Alan Irwin will be playing it for laughs

The 25-year-old comic lives in Belfast with girlfriend Cliona and will be appearing at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next month.

My best moment

I’ve been in stand-up now for about four-and-a-half years now and for the first two years I was absolutely awful. My best moment came when I did a gig in Belfast in the Black Box and everything just came together. I was happy with the way the show went and the audience had a good time. That was when I found my voice.

My best song

My favourite band is AC/DC — I even got a tattoo of their logo (below)  during a drunken rampage in Poland — and my all-time favourite song of theirs is probably their most popular one, You Shook Me All Night Long. It’s a really uplifting song and there’s no pretension in it. If you put it on in any nightclub everyone will dance to it.

My best way to relax

I’m a big fan of wrestling and recently the WWE launched their own network — it’s like a Netflix-style site and it’s basically ruined my life. It has 10,000 hours of on-demand wrestling matches so on my days off I can now be found reliving my youth through wrestling that matches I haven’t seen in years. My girlfriend is delighted, as you can well imagine.

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My best job

In the past I’ve worked in a menswear department and fixed broadband issues, but neither of those were really fulfilling. I got into comedy by accident — I was always trying to be funny but an ex-girlfriend signed me up for an open mic event behind my back. I was never going to do it myself but I’m very glad I started as I’ve finally found something I love to do.

My best bit of advice

My favourite piece comes from a comedian called Louis CK who was talking of people who complain about how bored they are. He said: “I’m bored is a useless thing to say. The fact that you’re even alive is amazing so you don’t get to say you’re bored.”

My best gift

My girlfriend and I moved in together a couple of months ago but it was my mum and dad who gave us the deposit for our rented house, which meant we could set up home together immediately rather than having to save money for months on end. It’s the gift that’s had the most impact over the last few years because Cliona and I are now sorted and quite comfortable.

My best achievements

For the last few years I’ve taken a show to the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve always done a preview in March before I go and every time it comes together it feels like I’ve achieved something and that I’m not just mucking about.

My best book

Nixonland by Rick Perstein, which is a book I had to use during my politics and theology degree. It’s about Richard Nixon’s presidency and America in the ’60s. It’s really well-written and a real page-turner.

My best film

I’ve always been a big Star Wars nerd — my dad took me to see the movies when they were re-released when I was about eight. I still love The Empire Strikes Back because it’s really quite a dark film.

My best buy

When I still lived with mum and dad I bought them a dog — a wee cairn terrier called Ozzie. The whole family has fallen in love with the wee thing. When you compare what you spend on takeaways or downloads  with the cost of Ozzie and all the fun and friendship he has brought us, he was fantastic value for money.

  • The Glasgow International Comedy Festival takes place between March 12 and 29. For tickets and information go to www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com

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