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Alleged would-be hijacker run over by motorist

An alleged would-be hijacker was run over after he punched a driver in the face, Belfast Crown Court has heard.

The jury heard after the incident on August 31, 2008, an earring belonging to 27-year-old Stuart Snoddy was found in the Audi he allegedly tried to hijack.

Snoddy, from Abbeyglen Drive, Newtownabbey, denies attempting to hijack the Audi, trying to cause criminal damage to it and causing actual bodily harm to driver Paul Macrory.

Prosecution lawyer Michael Chambers told the jury that Mr Macrory and his wife were stopped at traffic lights when a male stepped in front of their car. “Flinging the driver's door open, he punched Mr Macrory,” said the lawyer, adding that as the male, alleged to be Snoddy, was reaching in, Mr Macrory grabbed him in a headlock.

As the Macrory's drove off, Snoddy kicked out at car doors.

Another car, said the lawyer, tried to avoid Snoddy as he approached, but ended up knocking him down, sending him up and over the car.

The trial continues.

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