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Alliance activist deported by Israel

By Rebecca Black

An Alliance Party activist has been deported from Israel.

Gary Spedding (23) was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon. The Huffington Post blogger chronicled the experience on Twitter.

He claimed Israeli authorities "went through his phone" and carried out searches which he said were "very personally invasive".

The ex-campaigns officer for Alliance Youth at Queen's University claimed he was threatened with nine days in custody, with being deported, as well as with a lifelong ban from Israel.

He also posted pictures on Twitter of being held in a room and watched by security personnel.

He tweeted about being in the room for eight hours and claimed that although he had been "polite and calm", the "strain" was "starting to pull on me a bit".

Mr Spedding set up the Queen's Palestine Solidarity Society and has been a critic of Israel.

He returned to the UK last night.

Alliance MP and deputy leader Naomi Long MP said she had been in contact with Mr Spedding.

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