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Alliance hits out at racist graffiti in east Belfast

By Cate McCurry

Racist graffiti scrawled on an east Belfast wall is an attempt to "strike fear into the community", a councillor has said.

The warning message targeted landlords renting out properties to foreigners in the Brandon Terrace area of the city.

It's the second time similar messages have appeared in the area in recent weeks.

Other graffiti was spotted in nearby Dunraven Avenue and Glenbrook Avenue.

The latest message said: 'Landlords out. Houses for locals only'.

Alliance Party councillor David Armitage slammed the graffiti as "disgusting". He said those behind it are determined to make people feel "unwelcome".

He added: "I don't know how many times I can say this, but east Belfast is a welcoming, inclusive society and the thugs behind this on-going spate of racist graffiti attacks will never detract from that."

He said that the graffiti was not reflective of the wider community, adding that his party was working with the PSNI on the issue.

"On Wednesday, I was at Inverary Community Centre, which recently also suffered racist graffiti, for an event attended by locals and residents from other parts of Belfast.

"To hear what great work this group does and how well supported it is by all within east Belfast shows the large majority of people do not subscribe to the stupidity of this graffiti.

"We must stand together, never allowing them the chance to strike fear into our community and showing that no matter what they say, the majority of our community celebrates our open and inclusive nature."

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