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Alliance MLA calls for end to online betting with credit cards


Kellie Armstrong

Kellie Armstrong

Kellie Armstrong

Northern Ireland needs to follow the rest of the UK by banning gambling customers from using credit cards to place bets online, an Alliance MLA has said.

New internet gambling regulations came into force yesterday which outlaw the practice of credit card betting via e-wallets.

It affects all gambling outlets online, with the exception of the National Lottery. Customers in England, Scotland and Wales must now use a debit card or cash deposited into an account in order to place bets.

Kellie Armstrong, Strangford MLA and Alliance communities spokesperson, said: "Gambling with credit cards allows people to use money they don't have.

"For addicts, this can be too tempting a proposition to ignore, particularly at a time when online and virtual gambling is more popular than ever before.

"The coronavirus lockdown may also lead to an increase in people using these outlets, so this legislation is more important than ever.

"We now need a similar law for Northern Ireland. Understandably, most resources are targeted towards combating Covid-19, however, we need to tackle the problem of addiction and helping gamblers stay safe."

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