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Alliance Party defends Councillor Paula Bradshaw's praise of murdered Jock Davison

By Rebecca Black

The Alliance Party has defended comments by one of its Belfast councillors in praise of murdered Gerard 'Jock' Davison.

Catherine McCartney said she felt disgusted when she read comments from Councillor Paula Bradshaw in tribute to Davison.

Ms Bradshaw talked to the media of her "deep sadness at the loss of Gerard from the community sector". She described him as a "committed worker", adding "what he did before that in his past is for others to comment on".

Ms McCartney said she did not believe Davison was a loss to the community."Paula Bradshaw's crass comment illustrates how badly victims are treated in Northern Ireland," she claimed.

"Politicians bemoaning the loss of Jock Davison is highly offensive to bereaved families sitting at home with empty chairs because of him."

An Alliance Party spokesman said: "Alliance would condemn the murder of any individual, no matter the identity of the victim.

"Alliance was very vocal in condemning the murder of Robert McCartney and in particular was insistent that the British and Irish governments and other parties worked to judge the IRA ceasefire on a full cessation of all violence and criminality as opposed to earlier ceasefires in which a blind eye had often been turned by the authorities to violence which was not deemed to be terrorism-related."

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