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Alliance selects Lo for Euro poll

Anna Lo has been selected as the Alliance Party's candidate for this May's European elections.

She is originally from Hong Kong but has lived in Northern Ireland since 1974 and became the first Chinese-born elected representative in Europe after becoming a South Belfast MLA in 2007.

"In this election, the public will have the chance to lead change and send a pro-European, pro-environment and pro-shared future message to Europe by voting for Alliance," she said.

"Northern Ireland needs to present an open, modern, progressive and outward-looking face to Europe and the rest of the world.

"Northern Ireland already benefits enormously from the European Union, but with three Eurosceptic MEPs, we aren't living up to our full potential. I want to use the European Union to help grow our economy and achieve a shared future."

Alliance leader David Ford said she had a proven track record of representing everyone at the Assembly and in her constituency.

"As chair of the environment committee she has worked tirelessly to protect our environment and promote sustainable development.

"She is one the most progressive voices in the Assembly. Northern Ireland will be a better place by having Anna Lo represent us in Europe," he added.


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