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Ambulance damaged as man tries to put oxygen tank through windscreen

An ambulance crew came under attack at the weekend after a man tried to put an oxygen tank through the windscreen in Lurgan.

The incident happened on Friday night as crews were treating a man who had been stabbed.

Just after midnight police and an ambulance crew were treating a man who had been injured in the Liscorran Court area.

During this time, another man opened the side door of the ambulance and removed an oxygen cylinder.

He then tried to put it through the windscreen of the ambulance which was damaged as a result.

A police vehicle was also damaged during the incident.

Posting on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page officers said: "As a result of this mindless act the ambulance was taken off the road and could not be used until it could be repaired. This meant that there was one less ambulance to respond to calls throughout Northern Ireland.

"One less ambulance on the road could mean the difference between an ambulance arriving within a matter of minutes or coming from further afield, those minutes becoming an hour.

"Did you witness this incident? Have you heard who was involved? If you have any information regarding this incident give us a ring on 101 quoting reference number CC2017020400014."

Meanwhile in a separate incident on Friday a paramedic was assaulted in north Belfast.

He resumed to work after a short break.

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