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American tourist becomes first woman to beat gut-busting Ulster Fry challenge

By Mark Edwards

An American tourist has become the first woman to demolish a monster fry at a cáfe in east Belfast

Whitley Horning, from Lexington in Kentucky, took on the Goliath XXL challenge fry at the Newton Cafe on the Newtownards Road yesterday, becoming only the sixth person to manage the feat.

Ms Horning, who is studying at university in Dublin, said: "I wasn’t surprised at all that I did it, and neither is anyone who has ever accompanied me to an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

"I knew I wouldn’t set a time record because I’ve never done any type of contest so I don’t have technique, but I have an appetite.

Whitley Horning from Lexington, Kentucky in the USA. The first woman to demolish the monster.

She added: "Women are expected to eat small portions slowly and politely, and leave a little on the plate. I want women to see food as a means of shaping, not reducing, ourselves.

"Not to say we should do eating challenges every day, but that we should see food as a contribution to our performance, strength, and well-being, and not an enemy."

David Gough, owner of the cafe, said roughly 800 people have taken on the massive Ulster Fry since the challenge was born in 2014.

The humongous fry, which costs £15, consists of four soda, four potatoes, four pancakes, four sausages, four rashers of bacon, four fried eggs, four rounds of toast, chips, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, black pudding and fried tomato.

The contestants get 45 minutes to eat and if they clear the tray, they eat for free.

Whitley Horning after finishing the monster fry.

Mr Gough, speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, said: “From the café’s point of view it was a welcome and tremendous achievement. We have been waiting for a long time for number six to beat it. 

“Since the turn of the year we have had a few tourists from Asia to America call in and try it out. The challenge must be on a website to do list or something.

“Whitley called in yesterday and asked if a women had ever completed it and after I said no.. there was no turning back.

“She was determined and cheered on by the other customers. She finished it with less than a minute to spare.”

“I was definitely surprised and while I was making the fry I said ‘she will never do it’ but I was delighted she did.”

The current record holder is a competitive eater from America known as “Notorious B.O.B” who dismantled the Goliath in just seven minutes and 46 seconds.

Anyone looking to take on the Goliath has to ring up the cafe before hand in order to prepare the mammoth feast.

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