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Analysis: Reckless dissidents desperate for a ‘kill’

Alan Murray

The precise targeting of an Army officer living in an affluent area on the outskirts of Bangor merely underlines the gravity of the increasing terrorist threat.

After a fairly embarrassing attempt to disrupt the Twelfth parade in north Belfast through street rioting, the dissidents are literally back with a bang.

It could have been two, had the device attached to the major’s vehicle exploded as intended.

Whatever flaw in design or component saved his life, it doesn’t diminish the risk now facing all and sundry connected with the security forces serving here.

Before the Strand Road bombing in the early hours of Tuesday morning the threat level around Londonderry had already been elevated to “severe”.

And as the dissident republican elements desperately seek a ‘kill’, it seems that a greater risk to the wellbeing of the general public is a gamble that they are well prepared to take.

Lives could have been taken on Tuesday morning in Derry, not only of PSNI officers, but civilians coming home after a late night or proprietors as they cleared up their premises after an evening’s trading.

Martin McGuinness has heaped ridicule upon the heads of the strategists in the various dissident groups before and after Tuesday morning’s attack, but his words appear to have little impact on their resolve to maim and kill.

Those who remain the eyes and ears of the Provisionals dismiss the activities of the dissidents as small scale and largely self-serving for financial purposes, but the Bangor and Derry attacks over the last 72 hours serve to prove that they have a commitment and a capability that should not be lightly dismissed or trivialised by anyone.

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