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Anderson: I won’t let my injured foot put me down

Injured: Martina Anderson’s foot
Injured: Martina Anderson’s foot
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

Sinn Fein European election candidate Martina Anderson has joked that she needs to "borrow a foot" until May 23 after badly injuring her foot.

Ms Anderson said that she needed a bit of tender loving care after she fell over a light that was on the ground.

The republican candidate said she was determined not to let the accident "put her down" after posting a picture of her injured foot on social media.

She posted: "Fell over a light that was on the ground and I didn't see it.

"It's getting blacker by the hour!

"Can anyone lend me a foot for 11 days?"

Ms Anderson has been an MEP since 2012. She replaced Bairbre de Brun, who stepped down as an MEP for personal reasons.

She retained her MEP seat in the 2014 election, topping the poll with 159,813 first-preference votes.

Ms Anderson was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly as a Sinn Fein MLA for Foyle in 2007.

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