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Anger at gun attack on elderly couple

Neighbours tell of shock as shots fired at house while child stayed with grandparents

By Allan Preston

Neighbours have rallied round an elderly couple and their grandchild after a gun attack on their west Belfast home.

Multiple shots were fired at the front of the house in Tollnamona Court after 2am on Saturday. All three family members were upstairs at the time and escaped injury.

Yesterday afternoon, while young children played outside, four bullet holes could be seen on windows at the front of the property.

The family were too upset to speak, but neighbours said they were disgusted by the attack.

One woman who spoke to the Belfast Telegraph said she was woken by gunfire.

"I heard two gunshots ringing out at 2.15am in the morning, looked out and didn't see anybody, so I just went back to bed," she said.

"When I got up yesterday morning I looked up at the neighbours' house and saw they had been targeted."

"They've been here for 31 years, they're the nicest family you could meet and for that to happen I'm absolutely devastated for them, because they don't bother anyone."

She continued: "It's disgusted every neighbour in the cul-de-sac."

After speaking to the family, she said: "They're probably not doing OK - would you be after all that, because I certainly wouldn't be. I'd be afraid to sleep in my house at night in case somebody came back."

"It's been awful, we're just rallying round to give them support, to know they're not on their own. We'll support them in any way we can, I just hope it doesn't mean they're going to move out. I hope they don't, because that's just giving in to whoever did it.

"They're respected, they've been here 31 years with no trouble, their kids are no trouble, it's just wrong and whoever carried it out should be ashamed of themselves, targeting them with their grandkids in the house."

Another man living next door added: "I just heard four or five shots. I don't think it's fair, they had kids in that house and they shouldn't be shooting at anyone's house."

SDLP councillor Tim Attwood condemned those behind the attack.

"I was relieved to hear that there were no injuries, although I am sure that they are very shaken following this vicious attack," he said.

"They have lived in this house for more than 30 years, and my thoughts are with them and their family.

"The PSNI have said that they are working on a motive for the attack, and I would appeal to anyone who has any information about this crime to come forward as soon as possible."

Sinn Fein councillor Emma Groves added: "I condemn this attack. Thankfully no one was hurt.

"Anyone with information about this incident should bring it forward to the PSNI."

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