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Anger voiced over loss of rail jobs

By Brendan McDaid

Rail campaigners have expressed their anger after it was confirmed that further jobs will be lost at the Waterside railway station.

Translink yesterday confirmed that ticket office opening hours at the Londonderry station are to be reduced over the coming days, with the loss of two staff.

The company has now also confirmed claims by rail lobby group Into The West that ticket office operating hours are to be cut three days a week.

The office is to be shut down completely on Sundays, while it will also be closed from 2pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A spokeswoman said that the further two job losses were achieved through voluntary redundancies and that this was part of earlier efficiency measures.

She also stressed that, even when the ticket office is closed, people will still be able to buy tickets from staff members working at the station.

Into The West has now called for “an immediate and full explanation” as to why the cuts are being implemented.

A spokesman said: “If NIR doesn’t withdraw the proposed changes, the Minister for Regional Development must intervene.

“It seems that every time our last remaining rail-link appears to have been secured, there is a new threat,” the spokesman added.

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