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Anglers' objection to salmon status bid

By Linda Stewart

It’s a mark of quality that would see salmon from Ireland joining the ranks of such world renowned foods as Feta cheese, Champagne and the Cornish pasty.

But Northern Ireland’s anglers are up in arms about plans to seek PGI (protected geographical indication) status for the term ‘Irish salmon’, so that only salmon farmed in Irish waters can be labelled as such.

The Ulster Angling Federation has lodged an objection to the PGI application, which is the first to be made on an all-Ireland basis.

The anglers claim the term has been hijacked by the Irish salmon farming industry and will create confusion following last week’s warning that wild Irish salmon is in danger of going extinct.

UAF chairman Jim Haughey said: “The idea is clearly to create the illusion that consumers are receiving a wild Irish product.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. The proposal needs to be amended to, say, ‘Farmed Salmon from Ireland’.”

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