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Animal carcasses dumped near County Antrim forest

A fisherman has slammed farmers who have dumped untagged lambs and calves on land at Altnahinch Dam.

The man alleges that numerous people from outside of Antrim borough have been travelling to the Dam to dispose of dead animals.

He has called for better policing of the area, particularly at night time to determine the culprits as it is impossible to trace dead animals that have not yet been tagged to their owners.

The man who remained anonymous told the Ballymoney Chronicle: "I wanted to speak out as it's a total disgrace. It's absolutely disgusting that people think it's okay to drive to this area to dump their dead animals. It's people driving in from outside areas and dumping, not locals.

"The farmers in the area aren't happy about it. People who dump here are giving all farmers a bad name and it needs to stop, here and now!"

The dam is located near Slievanorra Forest, Loughgiel where visitors would often picnic.

Sinn Fein councillor Antia Cavlan described the incident as ‘disgusting’ and said that fishermen and visitors should be able to freely enjoy the area without the worry of stumbling upon dead carcasses and other household rubbish dumped nearby.

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