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Animal rights activists plan series of pickets against circuses

By Nevin Farrell

Animal rights activists are warning that they will step up their action and picket all circuses featuring animals in Northern Ireland.

Several prominent circuses touring Northern Ireland at the moment are in the sights of the protesters, who are urging supporters to join a wave of protests.

The 'Northern Ireland Says NO To Animal Cruelty' group said on Twitter: "Well done guys. We are protesting all animal circuses in the country at the minute - get joining."

Detailed lists of circus performances, including the venues and precise times, have appeared on social media in recent days and protesters are being asked to go along.

The Facebook page added: "Latest animal-circus protest timetable for all you brilliant people, being a voice for the voiceless. The times shown are times the protests start. They last for one hour. If you know of any shows that are not on this list, please let us know and we will add them."

The public listing of circus venues and times by campaigners is being viewed as a stepping up of pressure.

Last month proposals for a new UK law banning the use of wild animals was thrown out of Parliament after a number of Tory backbenchers failed to back the Bill.

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