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Animal rights group wants Exploris to axe seafood from menu

By Laura Abernethy

An animal rights group have said that fish should be off the menu at Exploris Aquarium, in Portaferry, Co Down.

PETA have argued that the cafe in tourist attraction should serve fish-free fish fingers and remove any other fish dishes because “serving dead fish to visitors would contradict the aquarium’s invitation to the public to appreciate the wonder of living fish.”

Speaking on the Stephen Nolan show today, PETA Special Projects Manager Dawn Carr said: “When the aquarium reopens, please keep fish off the menu. The fishing industry is the biggest killer of animals in the world. It’s estimated that 1 trillion fish and other sea animals die at the hands of humans every year. You don’t expect an aquarium to profit from the deaths of sea animals.”

She added that they were encouraging Exploris to put fish fingers on the menu - but they want them to be vegan fish-free fish fingers. She said: “If the aquarium are serious about protecting fish and their habitat, they should be serving only faux fish fingers.”

Councillor Joe Boyle, who is also a fish and chip shop owner, argued that Exploris had not had fish dishes, other than tuna sandwiches, on their menu in over 28 years.

He said: “It’s never been an official policy. It’s just been common sense that after visiting the facility itself, it may not be what you want.

“If it’s what people want to have, let them have it. Would Dawn like to go down to Portaferry harbour and tell her story about why we shouldn’t eat fish? It’s a crazy situation.”

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