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Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - Co Down woman still laughing after prize bonanza mix-up goes viral

By Claire Williamson

A Co Down woman has told how she hasn't stopped laughing after the moment she mistakenly thought she was in with the chance to win it all on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, went viral.

Heather Greig (55) from Newtownards was in London for a long weekend with her husband Cameron when they decided on a whim to get tickets to the popular Saturday night entertainment programme hosted by Ant and Dec.

Little did she know that she would become the star of the show and end up going viral.

As they approached the part of the show where a member of the audience gets the chance to win the contents of the adverts from a programme during the week - Heather thought she had been chosen.

The selection is done by a giant finger which swings over the heads of the audience before settling on someone.

Heather misjudged it and jumped up in a moment of sheer elation - before being told by her husband to sit down - as it was in fact that woman behind her that had been chosen.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "I can't talk you through it, I can laugh you through it.

"I genuinely believed it was over me. When we looked at the re-runs we can see our faces staring up at it.

"You are caught up in the moment, and the show said 'go for it, if it's you stand up and wave' so of course I did. Then my husband looked at me and said, 'sit down'."

Heather said she feels bad that she "stole the limelight" from the lady behind her, Jess, who was actually chosen to win the ads.

She said: "My husband said I blocked out that young girl Jess and I had stolen her limelight when I stood up, so I do apologise to her."

Heather even got a shout-out from Ant on stage who acknowledged the live blunder.

He said: "Bit of confusion there, sorry love it was the woman behind you."

Heather added: "I said I bet you that camera is coming around my way so I made sure I was smiling but I was anyway. I was just smiling and laughing to myself thinking 'oh you silly old fool what have you done on national television'."


The mother-of-four says her children had a good laugh at her TV mistake and even her son in America saw it and made her go on Skype so he too could laugh at her.

But she had no idea that it would go viral.

"I knew my family would be laughing with me, I did not realise it would go viral.  And all the comments have been quite positive with people saying 'support that lady'. My friend's daughter started a campaign of Give Heather The Cruise," she added.

"Everyone has been saying 'oh that poor woman' but Hey ho that's what life is about, I put myself up for it so I just have to laugh at it."


However, all was not lost as Heather may not have got the chance to win the ads on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway  - but the Cool Fm Pete Snodden show gave her the chance to win the items featured on their advertisements.

Among the prizes she picked up were family passes to Disney On Ice and tickets to Belsonic.

She added: "So I have done win the ads and I've won a nice selection of prizes with them.

"Cool Fm used the hashtag 'feel wick lady' but I said no it should be #pickme."

Heather only returned home yesterday so hasn't encountered anyone in the street yet but she revealed she has an identical twin sister called Dawn - and is going to blame it all on her.

She said: "Her social media was going daft because people thought it was her, I'm just going to say it was her."

Laughing she added: "It certainly brightened up 10 million viewers."

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