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Anti-Brexit rally to take place in Belfast this weekend

The rally will take place at Belfast City Hall.
The rally will take place at Belfast City Hall.
Gareth Cross

By Gareth Cross

A major anti-Brexit rally is taking place in Belfast on Saturday.

People from across Northern Ireland are expected to gather at Belfast City Hall at 3pm for the 'Rally for Remain' to show their opposition to Brexit.

It will take place at the same time as a similar rally in London to demand a People's Vote on the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

The People's Vote campaign is calling for a public vote on any final Brexit deal.

The Belfast rally is being organised by Alliance Party Executive Member Sorcha Eastwood and SDLP activist Seamas de Faoite.

"The creation of new barriers and borders threatens 20 years of progress and will undermine efforts to build a united community here," the organisers said in a satement.

"We are calling on people to step up and make it clear to Governments in London, Dublin and Brussels and across Europe that the views of the people of Northern Ireland are not represented by those who seek hard borders or a hard Brexit."

Mrs Eastwood said the rally would be an opportunity for people to express their feelings on Brexit.

"Northern Ireland voted to remain- opposition to Brexit here is cross-community; this is a chance for people to have their voice heard and to send a message as a united community: that they want an internationalist, positive future within the European Union," Mrs Eastwood said.

Mr de Faoite said that Brexit would pose challenges to everyone across the UK.

Sorcha Eastwood of the Alliance Party
Sorcha Eastwood of the Alliance Party

"Brexit represents the single greatest challenge to face this generation. Whether your aspirations lie within a United Kingdom or a United Ireland, Brexit is bad for everyone on these islands," he said. 

"The value of the totality of the East-West, North-South and internal Northern Ireland relationships are worth protecting. 20 years ago we recognised that through the Good Friday Agreement."

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