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Anti-fur activists shock Belfast shoppers with skinned foxes

By Kirsten Elder

Anti-fur campaigners took to the streets of Belfast on Thursday to 'educate the public' about wearing animal fur.

Dressed in black and carrying dead bodies of skinned, bloody foxes, a dozen of activists from the ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTION NETWORK (ARAN) walked round the city centre confronting shoppers.

Chanting the words "Fur is murder - don't buy into animal cruelty", certainly caught the attention of the general public.

John Carmody, ARAN campaign co-ordinator, said: "On one of the coldest days of the year there is still no excuse to wear real fur,these animals suffer inhumanly and there is so much choice now-a-days we don't need to  kill animals to keep warm."

Fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have all publicly sworn off fur because of cruelty concerns, they said.

Aran says Ireland currently has five fur farms housing over 200,000 animals and that some of the animals spend their entire lives on fur farms in inappropriate  cages.

Gemma McCorry, ARAN activist and model said: "People should understand what actually goes on and they should know that they can be fashionable and wear the clothes they want without it being inhuman."

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