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Anti-internment march and loyalist parade planned for same day next month

A loyalist parade and an anti-internment march due to take place in the centre of Belfast are planned for the same day.

The two groups, the Anti-Internment League and the Loyal Peoples Protest, are both set to take to the streets on Sunday August 6.

The Anti-Internment League are planning their event to last from 11.30am through until 2pm, and have predicted that it will draw in 5,000 supporters.

The planned route for their march will pass through parts of north and west Belfast including Ardoyne Avenue, Cliftonville Road, New Lodge, and Divis Street - and will also through central Belfast.

The time of the Loyal People's Protest overlaps with the anti-internment march, with it running from 11.15am through until 1pm.

There is potential for confrontation between the groups, with both planning to march along Royal Avenue.

As it stands, both parades are under consideration by the Parades Commission and are considered "sensitive".

Last year a planned march by the Anti-Internment League was banned from entering Belfast City Centre by the Parades Commission, when it said that there was "extremely high risks of public disorder" if the parade was allowed to go ahead.

The date for this year's march was announced back in May, when it invited various groups to come forward and "demonstrate their opposition to the continuing use of internment by remand".

The march by the Loyal Peoples Protest has been billed as an "anti terrorism march".

The group previously drew controversy for its demonstrations outside of Belfast City Hall, including a 12-hour "Union flag vigil" on St Patrick's Day last year.

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