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Antrim pensioner 'conned out of £200,000 for scam investments'

A Co Antrim pensioner has been conned out of £200,000 in a series of scams, his family have claimed.

The BBC reported that the man in his 80s was conned out of his life savings in a series of bogus investments.

He handed over thousands for wine and property investments and even carbon credits.

The Financial Conduct Authority has warned people to avoid investing in carbon credits as the market is unregulated and there is evidence many con artists are using the commodity to target vulnerable people.

The family, who asked not to be named, said they wanted to tell their story to prevent others falling into the same trap.

The pensioner was contacted by people using high pressure sales techniques accompanied with glossy magazines offering big returns on investments.

His daughter Laura told the BBC alarm bells sounded when the found large amounts of money going out of her father's bank account.

"There were a couple of bank statements that dad had lying around the living room. We were able to go through bank statements and saw some very large cheques and sums of money being taken out," she said.

"We realised there was an amount of £15,000 going out to a wine company which we thought was very odd. We knew he had some money to invest, but not that amount, so it rang alarm bells that someone might be conning him."

The family have contacted the police and remain hopeful of tracing some of the companies involved.

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