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Apologise for IRA/Isis comments, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told

By Chris Kilpatrick

A Catholic cardinal should apologise for comparing the IRA to the Islamic State terror group, an Irish-American fundraising group has said.

New York-based Timothy Dolan sparked controversy when he said Islamic State was a distortion of "genuine" Islam in the same way the Provisional IRA was a "perversion" of Catholicism.

He told CNN that "what they (the IRA) were doing was a perversion of everything the Church stood for".

Paul Doris from Irish Northern Aid condemned the comments and called for an apology.

"Cardinal Dolan's statement of the IRA claiming to be Catholic and fighting in the name of a religion, and likens them to a despicable organisation like Isis, shows either total ignorance of the conflict and the history of Ireland or he has lazily followed the British propaganda like many of his ilk.

"The IRA has never claimed to be fighting as Catholics for Catholics, indeed, all down though Irish history, folks from all religious persuasions have fought for Irish Independence from Britain," he said.

Cardinal compares Islamic State to IRA: 'They are not real Muslims, just as IRA claimed to be Catholic'

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