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Apology by thief DJ just spin, say couple let down on wedding day

By Chris Kilpatrick

The husband of a woman left crying on the morning of their wedding after their swindling DJ cancelled has dismissed an apology from him as "too little, too late".

Michael Stockman left at least six couples in the lurch just hours before their nuptials. Despite that, he insists he did nothing wrong.

Stockman (30), who took £800 from six customers before their ceremonies or parties, failed to turn up – often texting his unwitting victims at short notice.

Contrary to what was heard in court, he told the Belfast Telegraph he didn't lie to customers, including telling them his father had died. He is to appeal his convictions.

He claimed an attack by a former friend during which his nose was almost bitten off had led to his life spiralling out of control.

Stockman said up until he was attacked in 2012 he had performed at hundreds of events "without a single complaint".

He claimed he had arranged "back-up DJs" to perform at the weddings affected by his non- appearance, with them letting him down at the eleventh hour.

"I was a victim," he said. "My business collapsed. I was bitten on the face and never left the house after that. I'm not a criminal."

Stockman conceded he "probably could have done more at the time" to prevent the nightmare for the wedding couples involved and apologised for the trouble caused.

Marty McNaughton from Coleraine said Stockman told him on the day of his wedding that he wouldn't be able to attend as his father had died.

"I phoned my wife Emma and I had to hear her crying on her wedding day," he said.

"I had already paid him £250 and had to pay another £250 to get a replacement. Had it not been for the other fella, our day would have been ruined."

On Thursday a court was told Stockman is to face extra charges. He will be sentenced in September after a request by prosecutors.

His lawyer Francis Rafferty said: "I have been advised by the prosecution that in fact there are summonses to be served in relation to identical matters.

"They are making an application to take this matter to September 5 in order that the matters can be sentenced together."

District Judge Paul Copeland agreed to the delay.

Stockman's excuse for cancelling on four different occasions between the start of August 2012 and end of September that year was that his father had died the previous day or morning, Stormont's Trading Standards Service said.

The businessman, based at Knockantern Green in Coleraine, traded as North West Discos, and was found guilty of nine theft offences earlier this year.

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Michael Stockman was found guilty of theft in January 2014. He took £800 from six customers before weddings or parties. In all cases he failed to turn up. After Stockman's solicitor told the court his client faced extra charges, the judge agreed to delay sentencing until September 2014. At trial, the Trading Standards Authority said that Stockman "promised to deliver a service and failed to do this".

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