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Appeal as stocks of blood start to run low in Northern Ireland


A drop in blood donors has left two blood types with just three and a half days supply remaining.

The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NITBS) has reported low supplies on three specific blood types.

O Negative and A Positive were both left with three and a half days remaining and A Negative had just under a four day supply.

Although the NITBS insist it has not reached a critical situation, type O Negative fell to just two and a half days supply yesterday before much needed donations were received.

The situation is uncertain as the service never know how much blood a hospital will need at any given time.

NITBS said that they are comfortable when they have around four to five days worth of blood stored.

It comes after a drop in the amount of people attending blood donation clinics in recent weeks.

Paul McElkerney, the donor recruitment manager for NIBTS said: "I don't know if people realise the constant need for blood. There are 500 people receiving blood every week."

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