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Apprentice Boys get go-ahead for Ardoyne march

UVF banner band banned

The Parades Commission has given the go-ahead to allow an Apprentice Boys' parade to pass the Ardoyne shops on Saturday.

However, the controversial Shankill Star band, which traditionally carries a banner commemorating UVF gunman Brian Robinson, and its supporters are banned from going down the route alongside the marchers.

Robinson shot dead Ardoyne man Paddy McKenna on the Crumlin Road close to his Farringdon Court home in 1989.

Martin Og Meehan from the Greater Ardoyne Residents group said: “They're sectarian marches, they're exclusively for the loyal orders.

“But people in this area do not want anything to do with these marches and would like to see them stopped”.

Last week members of the forum met with the Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams as part of a process aimed at preventing a repeat of the 12th of July riots.

Commenting on the decision, North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly said: “The proposed parade this weekend should not be taking place, it is not welcome nor wanted by the residents of Ardoyne, Mountainview or the Dales.

“This particular parade is happening in the aftermath of a very bad decision by the Parades Commission regarding the 12th of July. I would call on everyone to ensure that we do not see a repeat of the trouble which flared in the aftermath of July 12.

“The people of Ardoyne do not want this parade inflicted upon them, but neither do they want or deserve to see a repeat of last months violence”, he added.

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