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Apprentice Boys of Derry take part in their annual Lundy Day Closing of the Gates parade

Thousands have taken part in the Apprentice Boys' annual Lundy's Day parade in Londonderry.

The event - often referred to as Lundy's Day, is marked on the first Saturday in December, to celebrate the stand taken on that day in 1688 by the thirteen apprentices who shut the gates during the famous siege of Derry.

In keeping with tradition, an effigy of Lt Col Robert Lundy, known as Lundy the Traitor, was burned.

A number of politicians, including East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell took part in the event on Saturday.

PSNI Chief Inspector Alan Hutton said there was one arrest in relation to disorderly behaviour.

He added that there had been "tremendous support and co-operation to make the day work".

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