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Apprentice star Leah Totton offers to help victim of domestic violence

By Donna Deeney

Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton has offered to help a victim of domestic violence.

Chantelle Ward (18) was attacked by her boyfriend in Newcastle, England, who bit her lip so fiercely she thought it had been bitten off.

Dr Totton has offered to treat her free of charge.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Dr Totton said the pictures of Chantelle Ward's bloody face reduced her to tears.

She added: "Like everyone else I was horrified when I saw the pictures of this young woman's face.

"I felt absolutely terrible when I heard about Chantelle's attack. I reached out to her via Twitter, offering her treatment for any scars she may be left with.

"Empowerment of vulnerable women is an issue close to my heart, through my work with Foyle Women's Aid. I've seen how damaging domestic violence can be, both emotionally and physically.

" I offered to help Chantelle so she doesn't keep a permanent physical scar of this terrifying episode and I hope she gets in touch with me when she feels ready.

"She is a brave young woman who did the right thing by reporting this attack and I am only too happy to help in any way I can."

The Londonderry medic volunteered at Foyle Women's Aid in Derry 10 years ago and where she remains a medical adviser.

Dr Totton also helped to save a man's life after he collapsed at a train station in London. Leah raised the alarm and called an ambulance and after administering first aid and remaining with the man until crews arrived.

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