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April Fools': A round up of the best of the day's gags

The world woke up on Sunday to news of avocado-flavoured Coca Cola, Arlene Foster launching a dress business and blue passports from the EU.

Media outlets and companies had their best stab at pulling the wool over the public's eyes with an array of April Fools' stories.

Here's a roundup of the best of them:


You may have spotted a story on the Belfast Telegraph website about Tayto introducing the Dream Egg, a radical infusion of chocolate and cheese and onion fondant.

Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on your outlook - this is a hoax.

The 45p treat will not become available today, or any other day for that matter.


Avocado Coca Cola

Continuing the theme of unusual consumables, Coca Cola announced it would be bringing avocado, sourdough, and charcoal-flavoured zero sugar drinks to the market.

According to the Mirror, the new flavours were targeted at the 'Instagram generation' and offer a "tasty, sugar-free refreshment", but also "double-up as the ideal accessory for any brunch-time social media photo".


Weird food mashups featured prominently in this year's fake news.

Heinz - most commonly associated with baked beans and savoury sauces - announced what the world needs is a chocolate mayonaise.

In a slick piece of advertising the company claimed its chefs had been working in top secret to bring together one of the "nation's favourite sauces" and "the finest melted Belgian dark chocolate".

'Foster's Frock's'

With a return of Northern Ireland's power-sharing Executive not on the horizon, could former First Minister Arlene Foster be set for a move into the garment industry?

A story carried Sunday Life announced Mrs Foster would be opening 'Foster's Frocks', a pop-up shop in the grounds of Stormont.

A source told reporter Floral Poi: "With the warm weather fast approaching, Arlene wants to initially concentrate on summer dresses."

The European Parliament

In perhaps the day's finest piece of trolling, the European Parliament announced it would be changing the colour of EU-issued passports to a dark blue colour.

Noting to do, of course, with heated fall out from Theresa May's December announcement that the UK's blue passport would be making its glorious return in post-Brexit Britain.

The Observer

Another Brexit-theme bit of tomfoolery.

An article in Sunday's Observer has a definite 'is it? isn't it?' quality, with the claim an Italian emoji firm had moved to cash in on Britain's exit from the European Union.

A couple of giveaways in the include a reference to a possible "post-Brexit import tariff" on emojis, and also the photo credit on the emoji degisn being given to the "Guardian Design Team".

The Sunday Telegraph

Not to be outdone, the Sunday Telegraph is reporting EU officials are working on a new 'bateau de commerce' to boost its trade ties post-Brexit.

The new 'le trade yacht' will supposedly ship key European Commission figures to trade negotiations with non-EU countries to secure agreements after Britain's exit from the European Union.

The article also mentions the £350m cost of the new EU trade yacht would be added to the Brexit divorce bill.

Visit Portstewart

Closer to home it was announced in vogue royal Prince Harry had celebrated one of his three reported stag parties in Portstewart.

A announcement on the Visit Portstewart Facebook page read: "We understand the Prince arrived in the town on Friday and will leave this afternoon!

"Congratulations to the happy couple!"

Prince Harry has celebrated one of his three reported stag parties in #Portstewart. We understand the Prince arrived in the town on Friday and will leave this afternoon! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Posted by Visit Portstewart on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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