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April 'was the coolest since 1989'

Last month was the coldest April since 1989, figures from the Met Office showed.

Even before the end of the month, this April had become the wettest since records began in 1910. Now figures for the whole month from the Met Office show it was also unusually cold.

Average temperatures for April were lower than March for most of the UK, and it was the coldest April in 23 years, with average temperatures around 5C cooler than for the same time last year.

No weather station in the UK recorded temperatures of 20C (68F) or above during April, in contrast to the unusually warm March where the 20C barrier was regularly broken.

The Met Office also confirmed the UK had seen its wettest April on record, with almost five inches (126.5mm) falling on average during the month, outstripping the previous record set in 2000 by around 0.24 inches (6mm).

Despite all the rain, the number of hours of sunshine was not much below normal, with the UK receiving around 90% of the long-term average amount of sun for the month.

Wales and northern England were the least sunny regions, getting around four-fifths the average amount of sunshine, while Northern Ireland got more than 10% more than the average for April.


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