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Ardoyne crash girl's pain as driver charged with double murder bid

By Rebecca Black

A man has been charged with two counts of attempted murder following an incident during which a 16-year-old girl had to be pulled from under a car at Ardoyne in Belfast.

Phoebe Clawson from north Belfast suffered a broken collarbone, broken pelvis and broken ankle after an incident where a car struck several people in a crowd during disturbances at the flashpoint on Monday.

An elderly woman sustained a broken wrist in the same incident and a number of police officers were also injured.

Phoebe had to be rescued from underneath the car after becoming trapped.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin described what happened.

He said: "Police officers at the scene quickly moved to stop the vehicle - and indeed a number of officers were struck by the vehicle.

"And then (they) physically lifted the vehicle up on to its side to recover the young girl, who was trapped underneath.

"Police then rendered first aid to the young girl while we waited for the ambulance to arrive."

John Aughey (61) was arrested following the incident.

He was last night charged with two counts of attempted murder and is due to appear in court today.

Yesterday Phoebe posted on Facebook about her injuries, thanking well-wishers and saying she felt sore.

It is understood that she is due to have surgery at a later date.

A vigil took place at Ardoyne for Phoebe last night.

Speaking at the vigil attended by several hundred people at Berwick Road, her aunt Patricia McAuley said the family had been left devastated by the incident.

She blamed the Orange Order's demands for a return parade through the area for what happened to her niece.

"She is in extreme pain and unable to have surgery until next week," she told the crowd.

"While her physical injuries will heal, her psychological scars never will heal. This would not have happened if the Orange Order wasn't demanding to walk through this area.

"This would not have happened if the police had done what GARC (Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective) asked and closed the road to traffic."

Ardoyne priest Father Gary Donegan then led the crowd in a prayer.

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