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Ardoyne: Orange Order applies for three more marches past flashpoint

The Orange Order has once again applied to the Parades Commission for another three parades past a contentious flashpoint in north Belfast.

The organisation wants to march by the Ardoyne shops area of the city this Saturday - along with parades during the following two weekends.

It comes after thousands of angry loyalists marched to police lines on the Woodvale Road in the north of the city on Saturday to protest at the decision to ban three Ligoniel lodges from walking past the shop fronts.

Five nights of violent rioting in north and east Belfast followed a decision to prevent the lodges walking along a stretch of the Crumlin Road during the Twelfth.

The violence left more than 70 officers injured and cost tax payers millions.

Supporters had warned that they will call thousands more out on to the streets in the coming weeks.

Amidst a massive PSNI security operation at the weekend, the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast had handed leaflets to supporters warning trouble-makers to stay away.

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