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Ardoyne parade is banned once again

By Staff Reporter

There have been calls for calm after a Parades Commission ban on the Orange Order from walking along part of the return route of a contentious parade on July 13.

Three lodges want to return along a stretch of the Crumlin Road that separates unionist and nationalist communities in north Belfast. But the Parades Commission ruled they cannot go beyond the junction of Woodvale Parade and Woodvale Road.

A similar ruling has been in place for the past two years.

A commission spokesman said the "decades-long parading conflicts" had severe consequences for local communities.

"The present dispute, involving nightly parades and a protest camp, has heightened inter-community tensions," he said.

"The dispute concerns fractured relationships at the interface. Its resolution is dependent upon improvements in these relationships."

The spokesman said that out of 26,000 notified loyalist/unionist parades in the past 10 years, 24,180 had not had any conditions imposed upon them by the Parades Commission.

The UUP's Andy Allen urged people to remain calm and keep protests within the law.

"It is essential that people do not fall into the trap of reacting with violence or placing themselves in a situation where they come into conflict with the law," he said.

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said the Parades Commission's decision was "appalling and unjustified".

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