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Ards is hit by funding loss

Ards Borough Council is set to lose £49,000 as a result of the NILGA funding cuts.

Alderman Jim Shannon says it will be a bitter pill for the local council to swallow.

“Here in Ards we cover a large area and it was vitally important that we retained enough funding to enable us to offer a good service to constituents and to be able to have a positive effect on the local communities,” Alderman Shannon said.

“Councils receive the funding if their ability to raise money from rates falls below the NI average and it is my belief that the size of the borough area and the range of services offered have ensured that we have the fifth least reduction of all councils — although this is still at a hefty amount of £49,000 to save.

“It is a bitter pill to swallow for a council who plans well all expenditure and yet it is something we will have to come to terms with,” he added.

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