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Arlene Foster distances herself from party colleague abortion Nazi comparison

Arlene Foster has distanced herself from comments made by her party colleague Jim Wells comparing the availability of abortion in the UK to the Holocaust.

On Tuesday MLA Jim Wells, who had the party whip withdrawn last month over criticism of the DUP leadership, said on BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan Show more people had died through abortion in the United Kingdom since 1967 than during the Holocaust.

Around six million Jews died in Concentration Camps run by the Nazi regime during the second world war.

Speaking to UTV, Mrs Foster said: "I think it is the wrong use of language and again it brings us back to the fact that this is a very emotive issue and people need to be aware of that when they are discussing it."

During his radio appearance, Mr Wells was asked by host Nolan if it was fair to draw a comparison with the Nazis.

"I think the numbers are a fair comparison because these human beings have been killed," the South Down MLA said.

"I said yes in the sense that the number of human beings who have been killed in the rest of the UK far exceed the ghastly concentration camps of Germany."

"These are human beings, they are people who have been killed in the womb. I don't support the killing of any human being and abortion has got completely out of control in the United Kingdom.

"200,000 human beings are killed each year. I believe the child in the womb is a person, a person who's got rights and a person who is given no choice when the decision is made to terminate their lives."

"98.8% of these people are healthy normal babies."

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