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Arlene Foster is to blame for wasted cash, insists UUP

By Noel McAdam

Ulster Unionists have hit back at DUP leader Arlene Foster's attack on their role in the last Stormont Executive.

And Mike Nesbitt's party said the First Minister was "entirely responsible" for the millions of pounds of public money lost through the renewable heating incentive scheme when she was the Enterprise, Trade and Industry Minister.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs Foster suggested parties who have now left the Executive had "scuppered" Ministers in the past.

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Renewable Heat Incentive scheme 'one of the biggest scandals' since devolution 

While not singling out the Ulster Unionists from the SDLP and Alliance, she said: "In the last Executive we had an internal opposition.

"Everything we tried to do we was scuppered. It was very frustrating," she said.

An Ulster Unionist Party statement said: "Maybe if she had listened to her critics, the public wouldn't be spending the next 20 years paying for the monumental calamity that was the Renewable Heating Incentive, which was entirely her responsibility as Economy Minister."

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