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Arlene Foster's Facebook video reflects on Easter Rising event in Dublin

First Minister Arlene Foster has posted her first video on Facebook after attending an Easter Rising event in Dublin.

The Democratic Unionist leader travelled to Dublin to take part in a Church of Ireland-organised talk at Christ Church Cathedral about the offensive.

The church had billed it as a commemoration but later issued a statement clarifying that the discussion was "not a commemorative one but one which is designed to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising by exploring it historically".

Arriving at the event, Ms Foster said she was open to listening to the different perspectives, but added that people in the Republic had to take onboard difficulties northern unionists have with the rebellion.

The short video posted on Wednesday night was viewed more than 4,000 times.

Following the event Mrs Foster, who has started her leadership with a strong social media presence, took to her Facebook page where she recorded a video of herself speaking to the camera reflecting on the event.

She said: "I've been in Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin at what has been a very reflective evening listening to the stories about what happened here in 1916, particularly in and around the easter time.

"Fascinating insights into what was going on at that time and also what happened here after the events of that Easter Monday.

"Heading back to Northern Ireland now and it's been a really good event."

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