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Armagh teen's 'Xbox Night' ends in underage drink-fuelled party

The house ended up with holes in the wall, items stolen while someone took a knife to a child's toy

Police have issued a warning after an "Xbox night with a couple of mates" turned into a drink-fuelled party with around 30 people.

Officers in Craigavon said that the house ended up with holes in the wall, items stolen and a younger child's toy doll was left in pieces after someone took a knife to it.

Police said almost all of those in attendance were underage and that a "large amount of drink was involved".

Posting on the Craigavon Facebook page it said that had the teen's parents not held their son to account the youngsters could be facing criminal damage and theft offences.

It said: "The parents in question are not only trusting but are forgiving. They stepped up as responsible parents, holding their son to account.

"Pocket money may be a distant memory for a good while. They have a list of well over 30 people who were involved and are making their parents aware. If they had chosen to wash their hands and leave it to us, we could be looking at burglary, criminal damage and theft. There are a lot of very fortunate folk out there who are being given a second chance, and they should take it."

The PSNI have called upon parents to be aware of their children's plans and to intervene when suspicious.

"Parents- if you can trust your kids, great. If however they leave for an "Xbox night" with a crowd and a bag making "clink clink" noises, it's maybe time to intervene. It may not be your house, but it could be your child who ends up with a criminal record if they do something stupid. Think of how you would like your house to be treated."

In a direct appeal to young people, police said "the best parties are ones which don't end in handcuffs on your way to custody".

"Young bucks- I know you say we give you a hard time. We want to give you the benefit of the doubt too, but you've got to remember that respect is a 2 way thing. Treat others property like you would like your own granny treated: with kindness and care! We probably attend more parties as police than you will in your life time. Trust us, the best ones are the ones which don't end in handcuffs on your way to custody.

"Also, if a house is left intact, you're likely to be allowed back. How many more "Xbox night" do you think this lad will be allowed in future?!"

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