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Armed forces seeking new recruits

The armed forces are looking to find 750 new recruits in Northern Ireland over the next 12 months.

Jobs with the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army will be full and part-time - and cover a wide range of trades and professions including engineers, medics and logistical personnel.

The Army wants to recruit 600 people, half of them part-time with the Territorial Army.

Post graduates can train as officers with a starting salary of more than £24,000.

Lieutenant Colonel Dick Rafferty, head of Army recruiting in Northern Ireland said: "Training and development of our soldiers is key and, after basic training, they can expect to begin earning more than £17,000 a year - plus benefits such as a pension, free healthcare and subsidised accommodation."

An Army Forces Careers Exhibition will be held this weekend at Kinnegar Barracks in Belfast's Harbour Estate.


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